Case Study

Web Screen Scraping Case Studies


  • Web Screen Scraper for Google results / Web Scraping Google Maps(,, .com, etc..)
  • Web Screen Scraper for
  • Sex Offender’s web scraping / Sex Offender’s web screen scraping.
  • Job posting listings web screen scraping.
  • Unclaimed Money web screen scraping.
  • Movies or Trailer catalog data & images web screen scraping.
  • Web Scraper for user forums.
  • Auto parts data web screen scraping.
  • Web Scraper for Amazon results.
  • Web Scraper for eBau results.
  • Web Site Scraping for lyrics data extraction.
  • Web Page Scraping for Real estate data scraping.
  • Web Scraper to extract content from dynamic for static website.
  • Yahoo results extraction with web screen scraping.



-> Reliability: The results are fast, accurate and structural, no unstructured data.
-> Stability: It is able to execute scraping task continuously and anonymously from targeted website for several days without any problem.
-> Usability: Very user friendly interface, just click the “Run” button to start the data scraping and get results, no extra settings. » Benefits For a job costing 25 human days, it can finish in only 1-2 hours. By using Web screen scraping services, you can save lots of time, money and man-power and get an obvious time-to-market advantage over your business competitors.

By turning over web scraping to us, this allows you to save time and resources that can be better spent focused on your core business.

We guarantee we will get your required data or information, even if the site blocks.

Getting Started is Very Simple
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