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Are you looking for an easy way to extract huge amount of information from websites and you feel sick and tired of the manual copy and paste job? You can look for the best screen scraper tool from web screen scraping services. Web screen scraping services is a privately held organization based in India, which provides reliable, cost-effective and efficient web scraping solutions for various clients across the globe. The screen scraper software which is developed by them can be used to automate the process of web data extraction and make your work easier.

With a single click of button, you can extract data from thousands of web pages within few hours. The screen scraper tool developed by web screen scraping services is very user-friendly and has a simple graphical user interface which walks you through process of designing your own data extracting pattern and creation of web crawling rules with simple point-and-click fashion. The wizard can be used by anyone who does not have enough technical knowledge about internet. You need not write any single line of code and all the process will be done by the web screen scraper tool itself. You just need to provide the options using the graphical wizard and it is entirely automatic and completes the data extraction within few hours.

Screen scraper is beneficial for various online businesses for extraction of information related to product prices, images, descriptions, job postings, customer surveys, financial data etc. The screen scraper tool will extract the unstructured data and convert them to any organized format like Excel, Access, XML, Text format, Word document or database format like MySQL or Access.

You just need to follow simple steps in the configuration wizard to mention the required format, provide the keywords related to information you are looking for and create the extraction patterns. The screen scraper will crawl through web pages and separate the HTML tags to look for information related to keywords you have mentioned in wizard. You can specify the depth of crawling and crawling rules and based on that wizard will do the job. For instance, you can configure the screen scraper to follow the hyperlinks if the links have the keyword mentioned by you in the wizard. After you configure the options, with the click of button, the data extraction will start and within few hours you can get the extracted data in any format as desired.

Screen scraper developed by web screen scraping services uses multithreaded crawling technology to extract huge amount of data from multiple web pages and websites within blink of an eye. Web screen scraping services provides high quality solutions with 99.9 percent accuracy to its customers. You can get round the clock customer support. If you need a free quote, you can submit an application online and the support people will get back to you very soon. Web screen scraping services provides robust, reliable, affordable and accurate scraping solutions which helps to speed up the data extraction for your business.

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