Screen Scraping

What is Screen Scraping?

Screen scraping is usually related to collection of visual data from web sources rather than parsing data like web scraping. Screen scraping generally is used to collect images from a web site or any application. Screen scraping is focused towards images in web pages whereas web scraping is for collecting textual data. Screen scraping software has many applications and the most common use is gathering information from websites which is presented in form of images and there is no other option to access the actual data. Screen scraping software can crawl through the web site and gather all the images which will be later parsed using another script which is then stored in an organized format such as database. » Do you plan to collect data from competing websites?

A real estate agent shall use screen scraping software to collect data from competing websites and get information about average price for houses in a particular area. Similarly Screen Scraping software shall be used by marketers to collect the customer statistics and emails related to particular product where the data is available only in form of images. Researchers usually require gathering a huge volume of data and they do not like to waste time in writing programs for each and every requirement.

A custom screen scraping software will provide all the necessary features to extract web data present in form of images. Actually Screen scraping was a term used to refer to reading of text data from the terminal screen of computer display. It was usually done by reading the terminal memory by accessing the auxiliary port. Later Screen scraping was referred to extraction of images and data from web sites using latest technologies.

Advantages of Screen Scraping

-> Reliability: The results are fast, accurate and structural, no unstructured data.
-> Stability: It is able to execute scraping task continuously and anonymously from targeted website for several days without any problem.
-> Usability: Very user friendly interface, just click the “Run” button to start the data scraping and get results, no extra settings.

The advanced screen scraping methods include capturing bitmap data from screen and process it through OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Engine to analyze them. In case of graphical applications, the graphic controls are queried and data is got from them. Screen scraping software provides fast and accurate results when compared to web scraping tools.

Screen scraping tools can help in generating sales leads, harvesting data about product prices, duplicating online databases, capturing job postings, auctions, latest financial information, real estate information etc. » Benefits Web2S Custom Screen Scraping Software able to extract data from the targeted web sites very quickly. For a job costing 25 human days, it can finish in only 1-2 hours. By using Screen Scraper, you can save lots of time, money and man-power and get an obvious time-to-market advantage over your business competitors.

By turning over web scraping to us, this allows you to save time and resources that can be better spent focused on your core business.

We guarantee we will get your required data or information, even if the site blocks.

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