Web Scraping is a procedure for extracting information from various websites. They build software programs which are used by human being who uses the internet for gathering different information.

In human procedure enter the website URL and request for the particular web page then copy data from that page and paste it. This task is time consuming so for the solution of that different kinds of software or programs are developed. That programs or scripts are developed in such a way that it establishing connection between server and web page. After that server sends request for the requested pages. After that data was captured by scripts and store that structured data into proper format.

The intend of web scraping is to capture unstructured data from different targeted websites and then convert that into structured data. That all structured data can be stored and maintained in various databases for any future usage. Web scraping is used for several daily activities like price details, weather monitoring, stock details, real estate information etc.

Web Extraction script or any program or application written in any programming language PHP, ASP, Python, .Net, Perl, Java etc.

Most of data which display in websites are of HTML format which is in machine readable form. The process of capturing data from HTML web pages is known as web screen scraping.

Screen Scraping go through any program or script which read the data from the terminal port or from the screen instead of database and then convert that extracted data into human readable format.

Website scraping is used for extracting different information from different websites where they are stored. It will also find out hidden data. The main task of web page scraping is that it will go through the several targeted web pages and collect data from there and after that saving the data in a new database in proper structured format which is use in future.

The structured data cab be stored in any kind of database like, text file, spreadsheet, pdf etc.